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Welcome to the first #OLIOHOP of 2013!

I’m sure many of our readers have seen my past OLIOHOPS – But I’ve gained a lot more readers since then. For you newbies, here’s a brief rundown on what OLIOHOP is all about. Once per month, OLIOBOARD recruits 10 design bloggers to create 2d or 3d moodboards using their design tool and blog about a specific topic, selected by them. In doing so, we all hop around to each other’s blogs to engage, comment and share other’s ideas on the chosen subject. OLIOBOARD is a resourceful design tool used by designers, decorators, stagers, homeowners and more to assist in their design concepts. Design boards created can be private or public. While there’s so much more I could tell you about OLIOBOARD, I encourage you to check out this wonderful design tool, which is easy to use and FREE.

Design Magnifique, Orlando, FLToday’s discussion is focused on Real Estate Staging and I am more than thrilled to share tips and tricks for staging your home for sale as this is one of the many services Design Magnifique offers to realtors. While some areas haven’t been affected by the housing market’s debacle, there are many areas where the market has picked up and some that were not affected. Staging your home for sale is a practical solution and a wise investment.

Design Magnifique, Orlando, FL


It can be overwhelming for a potential buyer to walk into a large and not-so-usual square space. At that very moment the buyer is thinking, nice space but what do I do with it or how do I fit my furniture into this space. The trick here is to show them how they could maximize every inch of this space by creating livable and engaging clusters through floaters [situate the furniture pieces away from the walls as shown in the image below]. Creating separate workable areas in one space with flow is a perfect solution.


Do not fall for the room is so big, I can fit so much into this space mentality – don’t be tempted by the temptress. This is a big no-no and a giant turn-off. The point of staging a space such as this is to enable your buyer to visualize how the space can be designed without the necessity of clutter. Even with livable clusters, your buyer should be able to walk freely throughout the space and enjoy what they’re seeing.

Design Magnifique, Orlando FL


I’m sure you’ve heard this said many times before, stick to neutral colors. And this is absolutely true IMHO – the fact of the matter is that buyers want the opportunity to personalize their own space, especially color; therefore don’t do it for them. But, I must say that neutral DOES NOT always mean white, beige, off-white, etc. A friend of mine, Donna Frasca of Decorating by Donna [a color specialist], talked about this in her blog last week. While you should skip the loud colors on the walls, break up the neutral-loaded room through touches of color  – furniture or decor – strive for warmth and interest. You want the buyer to fall in love not run. To view the items in this board, go here.

Design Magnifique, Orlando FL


Let’s face it, there will be something about a space that will not appeal to buyers. In this instance work with what you have. For example, brick walls are most often found in older homes, lofts, apartments, often in the North and they don’t appeal to everyone for one reason or another. There’s no need to shell out the expense of removing them and don’t paint it. Your new buyer may love the classic look of the brick wall. Make it a stately component of your staged space.

Design Magnifique, Orlando, FL


I think you all know what this means. Too many small items, everywhere, is unsightly and unappealing. Devoid the space of any personal items and leave just enough to compliment the furniture. Accessories turn things up a notch. To view the items in this board, go hereDesign Magnifique, Orlando, FL

#6: LET’S NOT FORGET ABOUT THE EXTERIOR. In actuality, this is the first place you should start when staging your home for sale. Within seconds, your potential buyer will make a decision after seeing the exterior of a home. Investing money up front will net a larger return long-term. Don’t just think that placing pretty plants outside does the trick – oh no, you have to invest a little sweat equity.

  1. Environmental elements take a toll on homes here in Orlando, FL which causes damage over a period of time leaving your roof looking extremely dirty. Pressure wash the roof and give it a brand new look. 
  2. Take a good long look at the exterior finish – are there any noticeable settlement cracks, is your paint starting to fade or does it look uneven from the constant beating of the sun and rain. Paint your house and make sure it’s within the guidelines of the community where you live.
  3. A well-manicured lawn is quite inviting and pleasing to the eye. De-weed your lawn, relieve your lawn of any dry patches and give it a clean, fresh cut.
  4. Your front door takes a beating from the constant comings and goings; not to mention when you first moved in, you never took care of those nicks. Well, here’s an opportunity for a fresh coat of paint; or maybe you just need touch-up paint.
  5. We all have busy lives and don’t always have the time to clean our windows. Please clean the grim and grit of those windows.
  6. Your driveway, another area that succumbs to the extreme outdoor elements, becomes dirty over time. Pressure wash that guy and have it looking clean in minutes

Design Magnifique, Orlando, FL[Thanks to GLaM-a-PeeL for this lovely infographic]

Meet the Bloggers participating in today’s “Staging your home for Sale” OLIOHOP

  1. LISA MENDE of Lisa Mende Design
  2. FRANCES A. M. NEWMAN of As you like it!
  3. STEPHANIE WEEKS of Interior Design HQ
  4. LYNDA QUINTERO-DAVIDS (aka NYCLQ) of Focal Point Styling
  5. LINDA MERRILL of Chameleon Interiors (Surroundings)
  6. RONIQUE GIBSON of Stagetecture, LLC.
  7. KRISTIE BARNETT of The Decorologist
  8. ROSLYN ASHFORD of ra Rooms
  9. CORPORATE blog of William Sonoma Inc. Designer MarketPlace Design Blog

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Enjoy and thanks for OLIOHOPping with me!!!

Design Magnifique, Orlando, FL

21 responses

  1. Hi Marilyn,

    I loved your before & after home staging Olioboard’s. I like the idea of taking a great room and putting in smaller clusters of furniture and intimate gathering spaces. Great tips on the exterior too – so many people forget about curb appeal and it sells the home before a potential homebuyer even walks inside! Great job.

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  3. Good morning, Marilyn!

    As the representative of Olioboard, I want to say thank you for bringing, once again, your time, energy and talents to an OlioHop. You did, as always, an outstanding job and we appreciate the information you shared with your readers on how Olioboard can be a useful resource you can use with them when considering whether or not they should hire you to help them stage their home.

    As myself, Leslie, I want to say how I loved how you showcased the power of clusters in a large room, while also leaving room for flow. It truly takes a trained designer/stager to pull off this look in a real space – to get the elements of proportion and scale just right.

    If the homeowner attempts this themselves, it can end up looking worse than if they left it alone -because anyone coming into their home (who themselves has a trained eye) would immediately see that they tried -and failed-and this would lead to an overall negative impression vs. the positive impression the DIY homeowner was trying to create.

    As a long time reader of your blog -who sees the before and after shots of the real jobs you showcase here as you work on them for your clients, I hope even more of your readers will hire you in 2013 to help them with their homes.

    Congratulations, also, on being invited, as a blogger/designer, to attend Brizo Faucet’s New York Fashion Week experience in February -where you will get to see their new line with Jason Wu , be asked for your feedback AND attend his real couture fashion show AND meet him afterwards!

    How cool is it that Michelle Obama chose a Jason Wu gown for the Inauguration Ball last night? ”

    Have a great time, Marilyn, and thanks again. Have a wonderful day ~

    Leslie / @tkpleslie

    • Thank you Leslie for your wonderful note and thanks for asking me to participate in this #OlioHop. I believe this was one of the best hops I’ve done so far. I hope this post shows the value of Olioboard and how a professionally trained designer and decorator alike can use this tool to help solve so many problems.

      And thanks for the Brizo shouout – I am very excited and honored to have been selected. xx

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    • Hello Anne, thanks for visiting our blog and for leaving a comment. I covered up the window intentionally because I was more focused on demonstrating how to space-plan a room of that size.The window was an afterthought. I will say if this was a real space, then the window would not have been covered.

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