Although not new, FASHION + DECOR have always had a special relationship. And, with all the happenings in our midst, High Point Furniture Market, Fashion Week, Twitter chats, FASHION + DECOR is, indeed, the latest buzz topic.

Remember my prequel about OlioHop a few days ago; well, at last, the day has finally arrived; this time we’re having a discussion about FASHION + DECOR – who doesn’t fancy this beautiful collision of design inspiration. You will recall that on the first Mondays [except in this case] of every month, Olioboard selects 10 bloggers to participate in what they’ve creatively termed OlioHop. Olioboard selects the theme for the month, we all share our individual perspectives on the topic and hop around to each others blogs to see and comment about what we’ve come up with. Sounds fun, doesn’t it – well it is. Check out my past Oliohops here, here and here.

Off topic, in case you’re not familiar with Olioboard – It is an online platform for creating moodboards of any kind. Initially and although interior design and decor driven, I’ve seen moodboards of many kinds including stationary and fashion. One may create 2D or 3D moodboards in no time using a wide array of products selected from their database. And while many of these products are linked to participating retailers’ websites, one may upload a product of their liking to Olioboard thereby expanding the database for future use. It is a really neat and practical tool. As an interior designer, it’s a quick and useful visual tool during a busy work day.

On to today’s post…….

Design Magnifique, Orlando, Florida

I came across this image while visiting one of my favorite fashion blogs and thought this is the perfect inspiration piece to design a room with.  

Design Magnifique, Orlando, Florida

With color, texture and pattern leading, I chose to create this elegant dining room. Besides I can totally rock this outfit in this room. Welcome to Bree’s dinner party. I love the different colored and patterned area rugs I’ve added to this board – either one will do just fine to add a dynamic feeling to the space and hide unsightly accidents.
Design Magnifique, Orlando, Florida

My favorite piece in this mix is the Noir Carved Chair in Antique Black by Layla Grayce. It is simply stunning and emulates timeless and classic gracefully.
Design Magnifique, Orlando, Florida

Men are fashionable too right; so why not create a room around this dashing ensemble. It screams gentleman while at the same time fun – color took center stage on this design. Welcome to Dapper Dan’s living room.
Design Magnifique, Orlando, Florida

Color may be the only element that you take from a fashionable outfit such as this decadent 3-piece suiting. With color leading, it was very easy to transfer this inspiration into a masculine and fun living room.  Design Magnifique, Orlando, Florida

Check out the zinc sofa by Room and Board. I haven’t seen a pinstriped sofa in a long time and this is classic with a modern revival in every which way. Design Magnifique, Orlando, Florida

If you are the person who loves black, then there’s something for you too. Black is and always will be a staple in the fashion and furniture industry. It’s a color [although not classified as such by a few] that quickly adapts, looks great with any other color and commands a striking presence. Design Magnifique, Orlando, FloridaAlthough on the edgy and chic side, there’s something for everyone.

Design Magnifique, Orlando, FloridaLove multiple points of details on the Noir Nortredame sofa hand rubbed black by Zinc

Design Magnifique, Orlando, Florida

FASHION + DECOR are very much related in more ways than one. While the fashion industry certainly moves faster than interior design industry, most fashion trends, sooner or later, becomes a staple in the furniture industry. Look towards fashion as a guide for creating your next design story.

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Cheers and Happy OlioHopping


Ps. Have you heard about the fun “Design your Dream Bedroom” competition happening now at Layla Grayce where you have a chance to win up to $4000.00. You haven’t, well go here to learn how to enter this competition.

Pss. Thanks OlioBoard for inviting me to be part of another fun OlioHop!

24 responses

    • I had sooooo much fun creating these boards. I was catching up on some Desparate Housewives when creating the dining room…hence “Bree’s…..”. But the more I think about it, that room is more fitting for Gaby. She’s the daring fashionista. :)

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  2. Marilyn, Your autumn color palette is perfect for this time of year Your design boards are lovely. The Noir carved chair is lovely by Layla Grayce. Dapper Dan is a very fun inspirational muse too. Dapper Dan was a wonderful touch because every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man.

    • Thank you Charisse. You and I are on the same track about a well-dressed man. Dapper Dan is a nice mix to the fashion + decor group I thought.

  3. Marilyn ~

    From all of us on the Olioboard team, thank you for creating such a beautiful #OlioHop post! With High Point Market starting this weekend and it’s theme of Fashion and Decor, your post and the posts of all in the OlioHop are sure to be enjoyed by many who seek this type of inspiration for their own homes!

    Personally speaking, I could love that chair from Layla Grayce –but painted in hot pink with gold leaf accents!! I wonder if they could do that? I can see it right at the entrance to my house underneath a beautiful mirror.

    Thanks again, Marilyn!

    Leslie (@tkpleslie)

    • Thank you Leslie. This was by far the best #OlioHop and thank you for the invite. I hope it was just a successful for OlioBoard.

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    • Thank you Olivia – we missed you on this OlioHop. I know you would have put something stunning together…

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