We’ve Moved…Our BLOG that is!

We will no longer publish blog post on this site. Hop on over to our new blog site. 

You may have noticed we haven’t been very active on this blog for the past couple of weeks. The reason is because our blog is now integrated with our new website, which has been a long-term goal that has come to fruition. It was time to update the brand and Design Magnifique needed a change.

If you haven’t yet visited our new website, I invite you to join us. Our new website has some pretty great features. We will continue to keep this old blog active for a little while longer for several reasons: many of our readers are familiar with our old blog; many external articles are currently linked to the old blog; and, we still have subscribers. This will be a slow transition.

New Blog Title - Design Magnifique - Contemporary Interior Design

Here’s what to expect with the new Design Magnifique blog:

  • Our blog is now titled “NEWS“, which is accessible from the site’s main menu
  • A new layout that is more reader-friendly
  • Never miss a beat, you will still be able to follow our blog for instant notification when a post is published
  • We will continue to have three authors creating new content: Myself, Najla and Minel
  • New content! Although we each possess our own writing style, you’ll be able to see a little more content organization. In the past, we were too busy to plan our blog content. We hope to change that. Stay tuned…

See you all soon!!

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