Beauty of Architecture

The beauty in architecture is to produce designs that must have the correct concept, which will attract the eyes of people.

A good concept has to have the following:

- Functionality: It is a very important element

- Simplicity: which includes a simple design, comfortable and safe.

- Flow: no matter what type of design concept is implemented the flow is a big factor in architecture

As we all know, each design has an inspiration and after researching some of my inspirations. I was intrigued on how these talented people come up with some of their design.

On of my favorite insertion is Zaha Hadid. She is considered to be the Nobel Prize of Architecture. Below are some of work that has all the elements together and more.

Building By Zaha Hadid

CMA CGM Headquarters

By Zaha Hadid

Building 520 West 28th Street

By Zaha Hadid

Building in 520 West 28th Street

By Zaha Hadid

1000 Musuem, Miami FL

Zaha Hadid is ONE of my inspiration. There is so many great and talented Architects out there! Their work is fabulous…


Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Live, Love and Design


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