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No matter how you say it, the meaning never changes. Let us be grateful — not just tomorrow but everyday — for this adventure through life as it tests our strengths, invigorates our imaginations, and touches our hearts. Let the moments that take your breath away be the ones you appreciate forever and allow yourself the opportunity to spread that feeling of joy unto others.

We here at Design Magnifique wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. May you spend it with the ones you cherish most; and may you fill the table not just with a feast of delectable goodness, but with much laughter and joy as you share stories of yesterday and today.

Let’s spread some food for thought. Creative minds are enriched when properly nurtured; no one person should ever have to go unfed. “Many of our neighbors in need are struggling these days just to obtain basic needs like food. Thousands of seniors, children, working poor families, and others are counting on the support of caring people just to get by this year” (Second Harvest Food Bank). We are asking those we know to consider making a gift of support to the Second Harvest Food Bank’s ‘Hope for the Holidays’ campaign.

Visit our virtual food drive to help in supporting the cause to ensure food reaches out to those in need.


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The Minimalist Luxury of Salons & Barbershops

Luxury does not have to feel heavy or busy it can be presented as a design that is both minimal and sophisticated in simplicity. Luxury is not defined by just one particular style but rather it’s all about the presentation and quality of materials and products used in a space to create that feel.

Check out the images below to see just what I mean…

Design Magnifique, Orlando Interior Design, Salons, Hair

Image Via

Design Magnifique, Orlando Interior Design, Salons, HairImage Via

Design Magnifique, Orlando Interior Design, Salons, HairImage Via

Design Magnifique, Orlando Interior Design, Salons, Hair

Image Via

Design Magnifique, Orlando Interior Design, Salons, HairImage Via


Offices are not so Officey anymore

Traditional + office appear more like an oxymoron when compared to the path of today’s office design. Blame the millennial generation and/or the warp speed of technology, it doesn’t matter, office spaces are changing and the implications are remarkable. This research article offers a reason behind this phenomenon. Ever since the Google corporation pioneered the way for making its office spaces more “fun” there’s been a dearth of companies following suit.

Google “office design trend” and the search results are astonishing. Office design appear more relaxed, for lack of a better term, and manufacturers are responding with a plethora of design solutions from building materials to furniture systems. Options are endless.

Open office plans appear to be a staple solution among large technology firms. In short, employers no longer find cubicles to be a viable business plan and are in favor of open spaces for increased collaboration. People + technology are mobile and with that brings opportunities for seating and lounging options. Employees opt to move away from their desk in favor of solitude in a quieter space. Aesthetics is another major shift in office design. Companies are open to brighter and bolder interpretations of who they are. Indoor/outdoor spaces are merging. Did you also notice jeans, shorts and flip-flops [at least here in Orlando] is the common uniform – I believe this speaks to the people’s overall attitude of how people feel about their work spaces. How long will this trend last? While I don’t think this is a trend but rather a shift in attitudes about how companies, peoples and spaces interact.

GoDaddy's office Space - Commercial Design - Tech CompanyNot an over-the-top design but the activities speak for themselves. Opportunities for work and play. Open-planned spaces equipped with standard and bar desk heights. This is the office space of GoDaddy.

Cisco Office - Commercial Office Design - Tech Company

Personal and group pods are now a must-have as seen here in the office space of Cisco.

Red Rock - Office Design - Commercial Office SpaceNeutral colors are a thing of the past. Companies, such as Red Rock, welcome the bright and bold aesthetics, which appear youthful in presentation.

Move Office - Commercial Office DesignNotice that traditional/typical ceiling tiles are obsolete. Companies are embracing the raw building structural materials including open ceiling members, natural characteristics of wood or steel building materials. Movet Office did just that by keeping their office design clean and comprehensible.

Sergey Makhno Office - Commercial Office DesignOffices can be a bit dark and whimsical but fun. Office spaces are adaptable to the users personality and certainly this is the case of the Sergey Makhno office.

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