Oh Milan……How I adore thee

Oh Milan……How I adore thee

Perfection is probably the best word I will use to describe my trip to Milan last week. The weather was perfect. My travel companions were perfect. The food was perfect. The Italians were perfect. The vino was perfect. I couldn’t have wished for a better trip and yet I journeyed along with no reservation or expectations. A big huge THANK YOU to BLANCO for inviting me and other Blanco Design Council members on this endeavor. I took many pictures and saw many things. Destined to revisit this magnificent country and see more of its hidden gems, I left Italy enriched and inspired. Still tired and missing Milan, I share with you some snapshots of my travels. Como Lago, Italy - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilImage captured by Kelly Morisseau during our one-day visit to Como Lago or Lake Como before the remainder of the BLANCO crew arrived in Milan. Although my time there was short, it was refreshing to see the beautiful countryside and get some shopping done [very important task]. Euro Cucina 2014 - Milan Design Week 2014 - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilImage captured by a Leicht representative: Blanco Design Council members with Blanco’s Marketing Communications Manager, Christy Emens. From left to right is Gloria Graham-Sollecito, Me, Kelly Morisseau, Grace and Ken KellyComo Lago, Italy - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilImage captured by me of Como Lago – this place is truly beautiful. Look at all the wonderful colors. I stopped and gazed at my surroundings every chance I could. I don’t get to see scenes like this living in the flat lands of Florida. Milan, Italy - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilA great place for a quick bite and delish cappuccino and pastries in downtown Milan. Simply delicious!!Milan, Italy - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilImage captured by me of the delicious food at the ACHEO showroom with Blanco Design Council members and the Blog Tour Milan group. We were on site to learn more about BLANCO’s new Steel Art, which I’ll share with you later. Milan, Italy - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilMore delicious food at the ACHEO showroom.Milan, Italy - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilAnd of course one cannot consume delicious food without tasty vino. Milan, Italy - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilOne of my many cappuccino escapades. I drank so much of this tasty beverage; I could not resist. I need my own cappuccino machine. Salone del mobile 2014 - #DesignMagnifique - #BlancoDesignCouncilMilan, Italy - Milan Design Week 2014 - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilSaw so many inspiring artistic displays at Salone del mobile 2014 including this one that stopped me dead in my tracks. Milan, Italy - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design Council - Milan Design WeekSo many inspiring designs and colors. I was really testing my camera in preparation for Salone del Mobile. Pretty good shot I think.  Milan, italy - Duomo - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design CouncilSo much better up close, the Duomo di Milano is nothing but amazing. This is one historical architecture I really wanted to see up close. BLANCO treated us to a walking tour of the inside. I’m still sorting through images – stay tuned. Milan, Italy - Milan Design Week 2014 - #DesignMagnifique - Blanco Design Council

After all it was Milan Design Week and, to celebrate, one will find structures such as this one launched throughout the city. It was really cool to turn the next corner and see some random colorful artistic display. Image captured by Gloria Graham-Sollecito. 

I’ll share more in the upcoming days, weeks and probably months as I sort through thousands of images. Just in case you did not see my live updates while in Milan, be sure to flip through my Instagram images and relive the moment with me.

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Rebelling on the Inside

Long gone are the days where the art of graffiti has to be restricted to the streets.  
Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, design, graffitiImage via Design Magnifique

IMG_5648_Fotor_CollageImage via Design Magnifique

Modern times are opening up to the concept of incorporating the creative visual voice that has, throughout the years, rebelliously adorned our streets and bring it to interior spaces.

Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, design, graffiti, interior design

Image via

Bring in the art of graffiti through the use of these playfully decorative porcelain tiles from the Banksy Collection by Peronda, a Tile of Spain branded manufacturer. They are of equal use for wall applications or flooring; and the designs are digitally printed to capture some of the world’s most captivating graffiti creations.

Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, design, graffiti, tiles, banskyImage via

Accessorize an interior space with just the right piece of furniture to capture the essence of the art of graffiti and its angular shapes and vibrant use of colors with these uniquely, amazing coffee tables by Vans the Omega.

Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, furniture, design, graffiti

Image via

Add that touch of light to bring into focus the artistry found in graffiti work through the use of pendants such as these (found on re-surface.net). The shades are a photographic print on Duratrans.

Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, design, graffiti, pendants, lighting

Image via

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