Wood-Mode: American-Made in Luxury Cabinetry

Wood-Mode: American-Made in Luxury Cabinetry

Next to appliances, depending on the selected brand, cabinets are the most costly material on the list of kitchen renovations. Add the lovely details such as architectural features and organizational or storage solutions and your costs will increase. But before you start getting overwhelmed about the overall costs, please do consider how much your cabinets are used on a daily basis. In a constant state of open and close mode, your cabinets are undeniably put to the test.

After you’ve made your decision to remodel your kitchen, you’ve selected your appliances, you’ll probably move towards narrowing down your cabinet selections. After all cabinets are a major part of the overall pretty kitchen design. Aesthetics should never be your sole focus but more importantly think about the function of your kitchen. Making a wise investment in the quality of your cabinets delivers longterm results. Deciding on the right cabinetry should not be an after thought. I believe in quality. I believe in the construction of quality products. I believe in the longevity of sound quality products. I believe in Wood-Mode.Wood-Mode Kitchen - Kitchen Cabinets - Blog Tour Vegas - Design Magnifique

I was first introduced to Wood-Mode while attending KBIS 2014 with the Blog Tour Vegas team earlier this year. Overall, I was impressed by their craftsmanship, attention to detail and their keen sense of design. To see their products first hand and to listen to their history was pretty remarkable.

Wood-Mode was founded in 1942 in a small Pennsylvania lumber mill and introduced as “Wood-Metal Industries”. By the 1950s Wood-Metal met high cabinetry demand with an expanding product line and with that quickly grew national recognition. Wood-mode eliminated “metal” from its name and became the more family-friendly Wood-Mode Kitchens. With deserving accolades, Wood-Mode kitchens became the standard in the industry and began to offer custom designed kitchens. In 1970s, Wood-Mode opened their first showroom in PA.

Today, Wood-Mode is known in the industry for its fashion-toward design sense, superior quality, fine craftsmanship and its dedication to protecting the environment. They offer three unique designs: American Classic Kitchens, European Kitchens and Contemporary Kitchens.

Wood-Mode has added several new door styles to their already expanded cabinetry line. Each one with its own unique design style, Wood-Mode’s cabinetry remains diverse and complimentary for its dedicated and new customers.

Wood-Mode Toulon - Kitchen Cabinet Door - Design Magnifique - Blog Tour Vegas1 – TOULONWood-Mode Whitney - Kitchen Cabinet - #DesignMagnifique - Blog Tour Vegas2 - WHITNEYWood-Mode Linear - Kitchen Cabinet - DesignMagnifique - Blog Tour Vegas3 - LINEARWood-Mode Alexandria - Kitchen Cabinet - DesignMagnifique - Blog Tour Vegas4 – ALEXANDRIA

Wood-Mode also offers a host of design options to make your kitchen completely customizable to any user’s needs including architectural design elements and storage solutions. Options is what makes Wood-Mode one of the most sought after product in the Kitchen design industry.

Wood-Mode Storage Solutions - Kitchen Cabinetry - DesignMagnifique - Blog Tour Vegas

I invite you to explore Wood-Mode’s website for additional information on their cabinet door styles, wood specifies, inspiration and lots more.

Thank you, Wood-Mode, for being a Blog Tour Vegas Sponsor!


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Textured wallpaper by Arte-International – the “wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement”.

Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, interior design, wallcoverings, texture, arte-international Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, interior design, wallcoverings, texture, arte-international Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, interior design, wallcoverings, texture, arte-international

Design Magnifique, Orlando interior design, interior design, wallcoverings, texture, arte-international

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